In August, artistic nudie model Kathleen Neill was arrested for stripping nude in the Metropolitan Museum, posing for artistic nudie photog Zach Hyman. But now the DA's dropped the case against her—because, guess what, nudity's legal! Lalalalala! Everybody naked!

Disclaimer: This theory is posited by Neill's own lawyer, and is probably false. That said! The New York Post has the attorney's intricate legal reasoning:

Hillgardner argued that case law protects mere nude physical activity — like calisthenics and ball-playing — from lewdness charges.

So because Neill was kind of writhing around in a "I look like I'm on so much PCP but actually I'm an artistic nudie model" way, it was protected! Also the lawyer says that the only things ladies cannot legally do topless are sunbathing and "handing out promotional material," so, ladies? Everybody's into art again.
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