Our red-headed brethren are still being set upon by angry mobs. It's all TV and the internet's fault — the kids today are on the Facebook and the YouTube and get these crazy ideas and then savagely beat others.

A new series of attacks were apparently started when this eugenics-promoting South Park episode led to a Facebook group which led to 12 or so kids at a school in California setting upon a 12-year-old then going on some kind of rampage.

The brutality was first revealed on Friday, and now authorities in Calabasas, California have admitted that several other gingerbeatings have occured at AE Wright Middle School, report the LA Times. The paper also, solemnly, describe what a ginger person is:

"Ginger" is a label given to people with red hair, freckles and fair skin.

Thanks! Now we can target them more effectively. Before bands of flame-haired people set out to take their revenge on South Park and its writers, it should be remembered that anti-ginger prejudice is nothing new. Especially across the Atlantic. In 2003 a man was stabbed after a fight following "comments about his ginger hair." In 2007 a family were forced to move repeatedly after an extended campaign of anti-ginger behavior. In the same year a waitress got almost $30,000 in compensation after taunts from co-workers about her strawberry blonde-ness.

They asked me if my head hair was the same colour as the rest of my body hair," she said. "They thought it was funny and liked to see me going red in the face with embarrassment.

Any gingers reading should consult this website.