Former National Review Online editor Kathryn Jean Lopez is outraged that Newsweek disseminates the opinions of wanton harlots and avowed sodomites. Specifically, Dan Savage and Sasha Grey.

That [porn star Sasha] Grey is not a fan of Mrs. Sanford, of course, is not shocking. What's shocking is that I even know her opinion on the woman, on the situation, on politicians and their wives, and that she thinks we should all openly have something extra on the side.

Why is that shocking, exactly, Kathryn? Ms. Grey is a famous person, and a wealthy entrepreneur who owns her own business. (Republicans should be proud!) She recently starred in a film by one of America's most critically acclaimed directors. And she is commenting not on politics but on sex, which is, arguably, her area of expertise.

Kathryn Jean Lopez, on the other hand—why the fuck do we know her opinion on anything?