A tipster at the New York Post confirms there will be ten editorial layoffs in this round, and that they'd all have come this year if it hadn't been for the Sandra Guzman lawsuit.

The tipster, who is clearly no fan of the reporters on the chopping block, says the dismissals are not economically motivated, but are based on performance reviews that happened in spring and the current salaries of the journalists — that go as high as $95,000. He does not pull his punches:

All these people should have been canned years ago, but management was just too lazy to do anything.

We had heard rumors that this round of layoffs was disproportionately targeting minorities. Another source at the paper claims that soon there will be no black or hispanic reporters left. The tipster seems to corroborate this.

They were going to get rid of most of them by the end of the year, but the Sandra Guzman lawsuit halted the whole thing because many on this list are minorities and are more likely to sue.


A spokesperson for the Post said the following:

"The report is incorrect. We're not planning layoffs."