You've seen the trailer, you've read the controversy, and you've met the cast, now set your dial and get out your laptop. It's time to live blog the premiere of Jersey Shore.

MTV's eight-guido-in-a-beach-house reality show starts its two-hour debut at 10pm, and we'll be talking about it in the comments section below. If you're tan enough, we'll let you join our little fist-pump party. If this is your first time in our virtual summer share, just go to that little box below that says "Share" and type your thoughts while watching the program. Others will be doing the same, so keep refreshing the page and see what everyone has to say.

Those familiar with our Top Chef and Project Runway live blogs will know that—aside from making fun of just about everything on screen—we enjoy doing things like coming up with nicknames for the cast members and creating rules for drinking games. The same will probably happen tonight, but I have a feeling that the names and games these specimens come up with won't be beat. But we're sure going to try!