No! A nice, friendly rock star named Rivers Cuomo who leads up awesome rock band Weezer got into a bus accident earlier this morning in Upstate New York.

Rivers and his family were in a bus going from one gig to another when their bus slid on some ice, CNN reports:

Rivers Cuomo, 40, complained of rib pain and was transferred, along with one other passenger, to St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam, New York. Cuomo's wife, daughter, and a fifth passenger on the bus were uninjured. The bus was traveling from Toronto, Ontario, to Boston, Massachusetts, for a show Monday night at the Agganis Arena at Boston University.

Also, "police said they do not suspect drugs or alcohol were a factor in the accident," by which they obviously mean "he did not have our hash pipe." Also, this is very strange! Because, um, hello. Either way, (1) Drivers, it's winter! Be careful! (2) Get better, Rivers. The world needs more of you and less of this. And (3) Weezer is a great band and even though they might not make records you like so much anymore—lots of people still do—if we were without them, rock and roll would be far worse off. Here's to them, and what's my favorite, and arguably, their best video:

I know some of you will be like OH COME ON, "BUDDY HOLLY," so fine, shut up, here: