Well, even if you didn't— here we are! Photos from Last night's Gawker Video (Past, Present and Future) meet up. Bear with my awful commentary, please. All photos by the lovely and talented Mo Pitz.

Your editors of Gawker.TV

We even bought everybody food. That was devoured. Instantly.

Former intern Danny Groner and Tamara Wiesen from The Week, and Mike say hello!

Matt Rebula giggles over Guacamole.

Seems like former intern Tara Atkinson's got something up her sleeve.

Dudes only, brah.

Matt Leary, Spencer Lund, and I getting reeeeal sassy.

Tara Atkinson and Rachel Kim.

Anderson Evans and I yuck it up about something. Probably the fact that we posed for about six pictures and this was the only half-way decent result.

Anna Edwards, Yoni Lotan, and Mike Byhoff

Quite an attractive group, I'd say.

Yoni Lotan and Kirk Larsen: Did you know these two are roommates IRL? Can you imagine the the shenanigans they get into on a daily basis?

Anna Edwards, always good for a well-placed photobomb.

Former intern Krutika Mallikarjuna and I reunite and are clearly elated about it.

Well hey, now! Looks to me that Krutika's a big ol' hugging-slut. We love her anyway.

Richard Blakeley, Anderson Evans, and I stop our heated discussion to snap a photo.

Future intern Zach Mack and former intern Joanna Farah

They're probably discussing the evening's television line-up, right?

All smiles over here!

Looks like we caught Kirk Larsen and David Matthews in the middle of a brainstorm.

More group discussions, probably pop-culture related.

Our fearless leader, Richard Blakeley.

The Week's Danny Groner and Tamara Wiesen, planning the next day's content.

Gizmodo's John Herrmann and Arianna Reiche, a future intern— we like to keep it in the family.

Spencer Lund and Matt Leary, Gawker.TV's resident blondes.
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Uh-oh, the Boss-man is leaving for the night- time for things to get inappropriate and crazy!