That's how John Runowicz, an administrator in the chemistry department got away with stealing money from the University for six years. He's now under arrest and probably needs a drink more than ever.

According to this amusing story from NBC New York, Runowicz would rifle through the trash of Warehouse Wines near his office and take discarded receipts for liquor. He would attach these onto his expense reports as legitimate chemistry department expenditures and keep the petty cash money, to the tune of $400K—which is about how much half a semester at NYU costs these days.

This is a little bit more than petty theft. NYU officials finally discovered his ruse during an audit and turned him over to the cops. Runowicz is charged with grand larceny and falsifying business records and will be arraigned on Wednesday. Happy holidays! Let's hope your egg nog has some extra brandy—and you kept the receipt.