The White House gatecrashers story has got legs. Tonight we learn that a third person crashed the White House state dinner that fateful Nov. 24th night. His name is Carlos Allen, and he is a D.C. party promoter. (Of course!)

The Washington Post's Reliable Sources Blog reports that Allen sneaked his way into the White House with the Indian delegation in a State Department van, which was ferrying a group of Indian CEOS from their hotel. No one knows how Allen got on the official party wagon, but Reliable Sources says that "apparently he knew someone at the embassy." (Ambassador Singh: Was it you!?!?)

Allen is a party promoter and CEO of HUSH Society, which bills itself as "an exclusive and luxurious private social club whose members enjoy unparalleled access to elite movers and shakers." In reality, it is a lame dinner club for proto-socialites. (Or, as one blog puts it it, a "fake a$$ bourgieos (sic) society!).

Oh, and, surprise! Allen really likes to get his picture taken with both real and DC-type celebs to post on his Facebook profile. (Ice Cube and Gen. David Petraeus have probably never been so close in the real world). Like Tareq and Michaela Salahi, he is an adept promoter of both parties and himself.

So how did he stay undercover for so long? What happened was the Salahis functioned as a shitstorm early-warning system here: After they were discovered and beat up by the media, Allen took down his own state dinner Facebook pictures quicker than a beer-chugging undergrad applying for an internship at Mother's Against Drunk Driving. But, being a tireless self-promoter in the Salahi mold, he couldn't help bragging to DC Gossip blog "Ask Miss A" at a HUSH Thanksgiving food drive a couple days later:

As each volunteer arrived, Carlos Allen made sure to personally thank them for coming out. Carlos Allen and his staff are quite busy, they just returned from California from the VMAs and had attended the State Dinner the night before.

(Allen now denies that he attended the State Dinner.)

There are a couple signs that, in addition to sharing the Salahis' fameball-ish qualities, Allen may have been engaged with them in some vast gatecrashing conspiracy:

  • Carlos commented on a Facebook picture of himself taken at a HUSH event by Paul W. Gardner—the Salahis' former lawyer who helped them crash a Congressional Black Caucus dinner.
  • Like the Salahis, Carlos likes polo. Here he is at a polo tournament in Palm Beach:

It's official: Our President's home is totally the new "it" D.C. nightlife destination. 132 rooms of PURE PARTY PARTY PARTY. Who's going to do the first Yelp review?