Hot naked Cosmo pinup Scott Brown, the Republican candidate for Senate from Massachusetts, is only down nine points in the polls! (According to GOP-friendly Rasmussen.)

Brown, who is known primarily for being naked and for being the father of Ayla Brown from American Idol, also released a frankly ill-advised ad comparing himself to John F. Kennedy, the late Democratic brother of the late Democratic senator whose seat he is running for.

See, Brown is just like Kennedy because both of them enjoy tax cuts. JFK's tax cut is like the single most important thing that ever happened for Republicans. They basically don't know anything else about him. (Also they don't really understand "his" tax cut very well either.) Of course, Brown is running on a promise to kill health care reform. Kennedy would be proud!

Brown is also running a very Tea Party-friendly campaign, as part of the Republican 2010 strategy of pissing away what should be an incredibly good year for them by aligning themselves with insane people who scare moderates.