The Bachelor was breathtakingly ironic last night when contestant Rozlyn Pappa got kicked out for "cheating" on Bachelor Jake with a producer. Her elimination became a mindfuck when she told host Chris Harrison off for meddling in her "personal life."

Behold: The irony, the meta-reference, the willful creation of an "awkward" moment, the downfall of the show's structurally mandated sexual double standard, the use of sexuality to advance one's reality career, and finally, the bald-faced acknowledgement that pursuing bachelor Jake is not part of one's "personal life"—but rather, by implied extrapolation, calculated careerism. And then, amid all this, the specter of a heartbroken Jake, for he had given Rozlyn the rose of immunity in this very episode, before the ugly truth about the promiscuous producer came out. Rozlyn now denies the affair. [ET] [Radar]