Ad Age has a fascinating story on how some online Pampers dead-enders have "jammed with negative reviews" about P&G's new super pee-absorbing diaper brand, imperiling the company's painstaking multimillion-dollar marketing campaign. Sample comment from a Pampers dissenter, below.

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Posted at 01/18/10 - 02:00 a.m.

Well Hello again everyone...I have some more upsetting information to add to the party well at least my section of the being the naive one and thinking that I would try what Dawn at Pampers said to do and well here are the results....First let me give you a little more information...1/15/2010 my fiance came home from the local grocery store with our diapers that I had asked him to pick up Cruisers size 3. I looked at the package and to my astonishment...they were the "NEW" Cruisers. I called Pampers and spoke with Dawn to actually VOICE my complaint with the diaper being rough and the liner not being there and the padding not being all the way up the back...I told her also about my son's mysterious diaper rash that has all the sudden showed up with their "new and improved diaper". Dawn proceeded to apologize and tell me that she would have to get out here information about this situation, after doing so she proceeded to read me the "Script" about the "BS" that is the new the dry max technology has been tested by mothers in the field for over a year now and its proven to be a better avenue. After going over again why I was calling she then started to "rush" me off the phone..and try to make me think there was not a problem and I was just nuts...I am quite irritated at this point...and still she doesn't seem to care...she constantly advised me that she would let "the right people know" and just kept trying to rush me off the phone...after then asking her what I was supposed to do for my son and the diaper dilemma...she then advised me that I should go up a size and that would help with the leaking...I told her that my son is a very tall boy for his age (90th percentile) and that the 3's fit him perfect...she then pushed me some more and stated that a baby can out grow the absorbency in the diaper before outgrowing it in size...she then gave me the "I will send you a $10.00 coupon for the diapers(they cost over 10.00 at the store where I got them she didn't care to much about that) and that she would send me a letter from her(I think that's a bunch of "BS" as well anyone can sign a pre-written letter and send it out) I was irritated to say the least but I figured what the heck maybe its just me and we will try these out...I put my son to bed at approx 8:30 with a DRY diaper...checking his diaper no more than 3 hours later when I finely finished house work and the thing I had to tie up for the day (my fiance had already gone to bed an we co sleep sometimes so he was right next to him) upon checking my son I found him to be I changed his diaper(very inconvenient to do this with a sleeping baby!!!!) I then went to son and I awoke at 7:45 the next morning...(new diaper at approx 11:30 so he was only in this diaper for 8 hours and pampers claims 12 hour protection) MY SON AND MYSELF AND MY BED WERE ALL SOAKED AND SMELLED OF PEE!!!!!!! I am hot now...but I am still giving pampers the benefit of the doubt and maybe he just had to much bottle before going to bed(only 8oz but hey what do I know) I put up with the diapers on Sat day and Night (waking up to change his diaper every 3 hours is not my idea of restful sleep) and on Sunday 1/17/2010 we went to the store and got a 84 pack of size 4 taking the advise of Dawn at Pampers because I am not smart enough to know that my son will not fit in the 4's I was going to try everything to get rid of this problem...we get home and I change his diaper and put him into the size 4(he weighs 26lbs so he was within the weight requirement) I put him into his highchair and feed him his Baby Food we get through the meal and I go over to throw out the jar and get him some Cheer**s and(excuse the graphics of this next part) I notice he is starting to go I let him finish and I get the a new diaper all ready and proceed to get him out of the highchair...this is where I get HEATED!!!! I pick my son up and hold him like normal just below his buttocks and guess what he has pooped out the side of the diaper that was too big for him...its all over his highchair, his shirt(didn't have pants on him) all over his legs and now MYSELF as now the advise of the Pampers rep whom KNOWS ALL ABOUT BABIES has caused me to ruin a shirt of mine a shirt of my son's and hopefully I can salvage his highchair cover...and I TOLD DAWN THEY WOULD BE TOO BIG BUT SHE INSISTED THAT IT WOULD WORK AND HE WOULDN'T LEAK BECAUSE THERE IS 10% MORE LEAK PROTECTION IN THE NEXT SIZE UP yeah Dawn you were correct he didn't pee he had a blow out in the PAMPERS BABY DRY AT THAT!!!!! So I call to Pampers to "Go OFF" and guess what they are conveniently not open on the weekends...go I will be calling tomorrow morning because I don't have better things to do than have my intelligence insulted and clean my son up multiple times a day due to "CRAPPY DIAPERS" excuse the Pun....I am so irritated right now..Pampers you had better be expecting a phone call Monday morning from a VERY upset mother...I am so ticked off that I have even started calling Diaper Services to see if they are in the area...My son's safety and cleanliness is the MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT YOU AT PAMPERS SEEM TO NOT CARE ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!