Erika Lauren Wasilewski admits to faking cancer for attention and to contacting the authorities when her college roommates smoked pot and ate her food. Just the kind of person you'd want to watch living in a house full of strangers.

Time Out Chicago interviewed Erika about a rather damning rumor from her pre-Real World days:

One of the claims, allegedly posted by an ex-boyfriend from high school, is that you faked cancer to get attention and sympathy after he broke up with you. Any truth to that?
Um, there is some truth to what you're hearing. Yes, it happened. Yes, I regret it. If I could take it back, I would. I was going through some severe emotional problems at the time. I was lashing out and craving attention wherever I could. It was really destructive. I didn't even realize I had a problem until my freshman year of college. At that point, I received help and I did take antidepressants. I weaned myself off with the guidance of my doctor, and I've basically done a complete turnaround.

Erika also explains why she called the cops on her college roommate. Naturally, her explanation is somewhat different than the uncredited version Shabooty published.

Another allegation concerns you supposedly calling the police after one of your University Center dorm roommates ate all your bacon?
The truth is I ended up with the roommates who wanted to party. [...] They were out of control. One of them got so intoxicated one night that I had to carry her home. They were also using drugs in the room.

Crazy. Like hard drugs?

They were smoking marijuana. I went to my friend's room and called the front desk. Little did I know that they were friends with the desk guy, and he told them that it was me who called. So they started trashing the place and cooking and eating all of my food.

Oh, that one's just a bummer. College can be a culture shock for teetotalers, especially if they don't know what the munchies are. (Which is weird, because isn't Erika supposed to be the rebellious rocker?) [TOC]