On I'm Pregnant and Have an Eating Disorder, a mother of two struggles with a severe eating disorder while pregnant with her third child. She must overcome her lifelong sickness for the well-being of her child. And it's a struggle.

The complications of Beth's eating disorder is compounded by by her pregnancy. Normally it is just Beth's constant struggle to stay thin at the cost of her physical well-being. Now that she is pregnant, it is a three-way struggle between Beth's mind, body, and the health of her unborn child. This leads to the very odd feeling of resentment towards her baby for giving her unwanted food cravings.

Beth does recognize she has a problem, though. She has been struggling with her affliction for years, and seeks therapy for it. She voices what her thought process sounds like when she has a craving for food.

Beth's mind does win-out in the end as she gives birth to a shockingly healthy baby—almost eight pounds! But with the birth of her child, a whole new set of problems begin to unravel. Not only does giving birth to her third child give Beth the excuse to stop eating again because she doesn't have to nourish the baby, but her eating disorder has led to complications with breast feeding. It's a constant struggle between her illness and what's best for her baby. A disclaimer at the end states that Beth stopped nursing completely, and began excercising obsessively again. Hopefully Beth can balance out the neverending push-and-pull struggle between her mental well and physical well-being, because the show left us assuming she has made minimal progress with her fight against her eating disorder.