To the women he dated via the Internet, Solomon Jesus Nasser was just your average, everyday multimillionaire Navy admiral with a doctorate from MIT. But in real life, Nasser was a scumbag who bilked $140K from women over three years.

According to the Journal News, 57 year-old Ardsley, NY resident met the women on sites like and PlentyofFish, then lied his ass off in order to gain their confidence. In addition to claiming he was a confidant of George W. Bush and an Iraq Navy veteran, he passed himself off as:

among the other things, as a CIA agent, a board member of Sikorsky Helicopters and a holder of more than 80 patents. He claimed he earned a doctorate from MIT when he was 22, owned a jet and an estate in Greenwich, Conn., as well as property in California.

Nasser would then claim that he was being sued or had money problems with an ex-wife, and ask for "loans" from his victims. He scammed one woman out of $114,600 alone. From 2005-2008, his take was $140,000. (He now faces a maximum of 5 to 15 years for the most serious of the five charges against him.)

Only in America could a man so ugly make a career out of dating.