As previously noted, a huge, awesome interview with The Original LovGuv Eliot Spitzer went up on TED-like website Big Think, and in it, Spitzer gets candid on a number of subjects. Via NYDN, though, the best? The socks-during-sex question.

Fast-forward to 2:23 for one of the best answers regarding one of the most favored questions regarding the Eliot Spitzer resignation: DID HE WEAR SOCKS WHILE HAVING SEX WITH THOSE HOOKERS? DID HE?!?!

I know it's like a thing to wear socks while you're doin' the do, but seriously, I don't get it. Is there some associated kink with socks? Is there a sock fetish, per se, or is this just an east coast thing, because it's always SO COLD around here? One time in high school, the big story was that my friend got a girl to have sex with him while wearing just a studded belt and Chuck Taylors, which was kind of badass, but I think that was more an early-aughts emo thing rather than a socks thing. I mean, I'm assuming Spitzer wears nice socks, and maybe they're so nice, one could conclude that they're not worth taking off? Then again, there are way more lowbrow instances of guys keeping their socks on during sex, so maybe it's not a nice-sock thing, per se. Then again, if I had, say, a $50 pair of boxers, I'd want some kind of press release issued every time I took them off. So, I don't know, I think about socks during sex, I think about nice socks.

Anyway, the rest of the interview is actually pretty great, and has me convinced that Spitzer's still got a shot at running sometime in the future, if for any reason other than the fact that I can't quite wrap my head around voting for a guy who actually does keep his socks on while having sex. Seriously! I can't get past that. Also, Marion Barry smoked crack and DC reelected him. Also, we elected Bloomberg three times. There's that.