"The conservative online news entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart is, for the moment, doing little to dispel stereotypes about bloggers." Now why does that sentence end with the word "bloggers" and not "conservative assholes with persecution complexes"?

Oh, because this is Liberal NPR, and they are concerned with that old "objectivity" thing, which in this case means "not calling a bullshit artist a bullshit artist."

Breitbart, it may surprise you to learn, continues to not understand that his li'l protege James O'Keefe should not actually be subject to special treatment because he is not brown.

"MSNBC and The Washington Post, you know, go nuts trying to grant terrorists at a time of war all of the rights under the world, while James O'Keefe gets arrested ... and they're already framing him,"

Oh, Andrew. First of all, MSNBC and The Washington Post are not actually in charge of the Justice Department or the Louisiana police. If you are concerned that, as you claim, your friend was held without access to a lawyer for 28 hours, you should perhaps blame not socialist Attorney General Eric Holder, but rather structural problems with the goddamn criminal justice system. If you don't like the way the media presumed the guilt of your little sidekick, maybe you should blame the Law and Order Conservatives who've inculcated in the mass media a worshipful reverence for word of the police and an inherent distrust of slimy defense attorneys and other advocates for filthy criminals.

Anyway! In case you were wondering, Andrew Breitbart still hates the MSM that continues to give him so much publicity for his pet projects.