In their March issue, Vanity Fair has a fascinating article about producer Jon Peters, an illiterate hairdresser turned major Hollywood player (and ex Mr. Streisand), written by the woulda-been ghost writer of his memoirs, William Stadiem. Crazy Tinsel tales abound.

Peters is a notoriously bellicose, tall-tale-spinning oddity. Just look at all the famous Hollywood murderers he's supposedly run across!

He also lies or contradicts himself about many things, including small stuff like his diet:

Despite his aggressiveness and other strange quirks, or perhaps because of them, Peters is linked to (or has linked himself to, rather) many of Hollywood's once-golden goddesses:

Peters had such a swagger in those heady '80s that he managed to convince the brass at Sony that an illiterate former hair dresser whose only "In" to the business was Babs Streisand should run Columbia Pictures. Not surprisingly, he and his partner didn't exactly do well there:

Peters' latter-day failures (the last movie he produced was the super-boring Superman Returns in 2006) haven't stopped him from boasting about the good old days or trying to cozy up to the bigshots. He doesn't always succeed, but at least he's trying.

The entire article is definitely worth reading. Keep an eye out for it.