Gigi Jordan, a multi-million pharmaceutical executive, was found in her $2,300/night suite "babbling incoherently" after trying to commit suicide, while her eight year-old son lay dead next to her. She's being charged with feeding him an overdose of pills.

This story is, quite simply, one of the more insane, convoluted ones to come around in a while, especially with the conflicting nature of reports on Jordan. In just trying to suss out all the reports, it goes something like this:

  • Gigi Jordan, a native Belgian, was the president of several New York-based pharmaceutical companies that manufactured drugs to treat cancer. None of the reports can seem to name the companies, though. After making her money in pharmaceuticals, Jordan got into the real estate game, making her fortune there. A New York Post source estimates Jordan's value to be "about $100M."

  • In 2001, Jordan married Emil Valention Tzekov six days after divorcing the man she used to be married to, the pharmaceutical exec she made her fortune with, Raymond Mirra. Jordan gave birth to her son, Jude Michael, on July 13, 2001. It'd appear that the father of the son was Tzekov, who told the Daily News "That's my son...I don't know if I can talk about this."

  • Tzekov's neighbors describe Jude Michael as "autistic" to the Daily News.

  • Tzekov and Jordan got divorced in 2006.

  • Tzekov told the Daily News he hadn't seen Jordan or his son in a year.

  • On Wednesday, Jordan checked into Room 1603 at The Peninsula Hotel.

  • According to hotel staffers, she hangs a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, paid the bill in cash, ordered lots of room service, and "didn't leave the room for two days."

  • According to the New York Post, Jordan's aunt received an email from her threatening suicide and the murder of Jude. The aunt then contacted the 20th Precinct, faxing them the emails. The 20th moved into action, and figured Jordan was at The Peninsula.

  • On showing up, police found the Do Not Disturb sign, and that Jordan had barricaded the door with either a couch or several chairs. On bursting down the door, they found Jordan lying on floor, foaming at the mouth and "babbling incoherently." Her son, who'd been dead for what's being estimated to be a day by police, was on the bed. Authorities believe Gigi Jordan fed Jude a lethal combination of Xanax and Ambien. Ambien's been known to have a harsh side-effect of suicidal thoughts in some patients.

  • Sources noted to the Post that the room was littered with pill bottles and "thousands" of pills, along with "scattered documents — including a suicide note penned by Jordan."

  • In the suicide note, she wrote that her son Jude was in "constant pain" and that she'd hoped "Jude [was in] a better place." She also "mentioned speaking with a Wyoming child porn investigator about the sexual abuse of kids," and cited the assistance of an ex-FBI agent. In an already bizarre and tragic case, this part sticks out:
  • Ex-FBI agent Flint Waters "told me many rich people are involved," Jordan wrote. "Many wealthy guys trade child porn like a hobby." Waters did not return a call Friday night.

  • The Daily News also reports that Jordan wrote that she donated $20M to Haiti relief efforts before attempting suicide, putting $12M to Doctors Without Borders and $8M to the Red Cross, noting that the other $7M in her estate would "be used for some better purpose in society." Besides either organization now showing any record (though the News notes that this could be because she mailed the checks on Wednesday), this also conflicts with the New York Post's sourced $100M valuation of her estate.

  • On the website of a "Fertility guru":
  • Jordan had said having her child has "helped awaken a spiritual connection to God." "In learning how to release my fear of losing something I really wanted and to allow myself to believe I would have it," she wrote, "I gave birth to a beautiful boy, and experienced a greater depth of love and connectedness with my child."

  • Jordan's currently in the hospital right now, and she's going to be charged with the murder of her son. She's been cooperating with authorities, and gave them the password to her computer.

Now, just questions:

How did Gigi Jordan amass her fortune, and were these problems present before?
Why'd she check into The Peninsula?
How did nobody in Jordan's life see this coming?
And most importantly, what part of Jordan's past as a pharmaceutical executive will be tied to her current state as an incoherent, filicidal new-ager? Because something will be.

If you know anything, we're listening.

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