Gaining a reputation for producing silly and misguided student videos, Yale has released another smash hit! This one is for the sorority Pi Phi, which attracts potential rushers with promises of fun activities, intellectual rigor, and people thinking you're pretty.

Update: Aw nuts. They made the video private. But we'll see if we can track it down anywhere else...

The best section of the video begins at 2:50, with two Rumpus editors — nerdy non-sorority types — discussing the beauty of Pi Phi girlz, who are often featured in the humor magazine's 50 Most Beautiful Elis issue. You'll likely scratch your head in confusion at this, having just watched a girl with a Rhys Ifans wig and raccoon eyes gab about her various extra-curriculars in the previous scene. Ah well. Hey Yale! Stop making videos. Any ivy-covered mystique you may have once had is very quickly eroding away to reveal your dorky and not-terribly-attractive insides. Actually, scratch that. Keep making videos.

[via GoaG]