Google engineer and San Francisco partyboy Orkut Büyükkökten's wild housewarming may have been packed with internet billionaires like Sergey Brin last Saturday, but online pictures were reportedly forbidden. And yet here are snapshots of strippers and nude sculpture.

Google co-founder Brin and search products VP Marissa Mayer helped christen co-worker Orkut's tenth-floor penthouse on San Francisco's Mint Plaza this past weekend, as we reported yesterday. It turns out co-founder Larry Page may have been there too; his model/Ph.D wife Lucy Southworth certainly was. At the time, we couldn't obtain more than one picture of the event, in part because, according to two tipsters with knowledge of the party, social network founder Orkut told guests not to circulate pictures online. That no doubt had something to do with the "several billionaires" reportedly in attendance.

Inevitably, though, some shots have emerged from the dark corners of Facebook, the Google rival that seems to have something of a lock on the world's most interesting information, at least to gossips like us. (Thank you, tipster who emailed us most of these pics.)

It would appear Orkut wasted no time breaking in his "custom-built party loft," complete (we hear) with elevated dance floor, poles, disco balls, dance lights and an indoor waterfall. There were the male and female strippers, who we're told were professionals. There was a male nude that appears to be an ice sculpture (or maybe glass?). There was a shimmery metal see-through curtain thing, like you might see used as a room divider in a lounge. And there was a logo devoted to Orkut and husband Derek Holbrook.

It was an effort befitting Orkut, whose past fabulousness has included opening Prada, going to BFF Mayer's Sex And The City party, staging disco parties, and appearing in more forbidden pictures, sometimes with strippers. Why he wants to keep all this fun a secret is beyond us. Didn't he hear privacy is dead?

Saturday's party:

We're told these adult dancers are professional. And they're in a professional venue: The poles, stage, lights and disco ball are an integral part of Orkut's new penthouse party pad.

Orkut's husband Derek, on the pole. Oh my.

So it looks like either there was a second lady stripper, or a guest decided to join in the fun.

The guest on the left is Mayer's husband Zach Bogue, only recently taken off the market. In other words: He can look, but he can't touch. On the right, Orkut's brother.

The nude (ice?) sculpture, shot one, from Facebook.

The nude (ice?) sculpture, shot two, which we found yesterday on Twitter but weren't sure it was from this party.

Derek & Orkut. Awwwww. Now back to the strippers!

Ya, it's blurry. But you try taking a surreptitious stripper shot at a party you don't want to get thrown out of.

"Dancer for money, do what you want me to do..."

Metal curtain for the full "club" effect.

Hubby Derek with Larry Page's model/Ph.D wife Lucy Southworth, far right.

This guy is Rhett Butler. Like, literally.

The host, center, with two guests: record producer Jimmy Markee (left) and Yelp account executive Eli Zepeda (right) (Names?)