The "SnOMGpocalypse of Death" today has us thinking of the BBC commentator's hilarious meta take on how the news networks report on disastrous weather—namely snow. It's a clever dissection of scare tactics, the word "treacherous," and people falling.

Brooker's dispatch, which may be a little heavy on the Britishisms for all those fat Americans who don't know the different between a biscuit and a cookie, takes a keen and satirical look at how the British news media handled the coverage of their recent spate of storms in January. If you substitute some of these news figures with Katie Couric, Al Roker, and Anderson Cooper in his prissy parka, you'll have just what the nightly news is going to look like this evening. If you think the above is funny, check out his brilliant "How to Report the News" below. You'll never watch another Nightline segment without thinking of it. Speaking of Nightline, whoever thought it was a good idea to import Martin Bashir needs to get this guy on American TV ASAP.