Last year saw a record number of reporters killed (70) or imprisoned (136) for their work in some of the loveliest hotspots around the world. The closure of bureaus and the rise of the internet may be contributing.

The Committee to Protect Journalists report, via the AP, says Iran is in the lead for imprisoning journalists — 90 were arrested and 23 47 at the latest count are still being held. China limited itself to just 24 this year, down from a record high of 42 in 2004. Progress!

The Philippines, because of a massacre of 29 journalists and two support workers, leads in deliberate killings of reporters for reporting. Somalia is next, with nine, Iraq and Pakistan saw four deaths, Russia three. 24 others died, including six in Mexico and three in Pakistan, where motives were hazy. Which isn't a huge consolation.

Fareed Zakaria weighed in and pointed out that the closure of foreign bureaus, and the resulting reliance on stringers, probably contributed. The report also noted that 68 online journalists are behind bars. We'd like to point out that no reporters were hurt in the making of this story.