Every day, the Internet enables more people to be narcissists in truly wonderful ways. Now there's a new site called failin.gs where you can learn how your "friends" really feel about you—anonymously! It's like formspring in reverse.

In the offline world, telling your friends what you really thought about them was a parlor game for high school Mean Girls' slumber parties. But instead of asking "what do my friends think of me?", failin.gs' purported mission is "to answer that age old question that perhaps all of us have asked ourselves at some point in our lives: what is wrong with me?"—which puts the burden on the individual, not their (potentially shitty) friends—which turns this into potentially just another exercise in online narcissism. (Which is fine, since that was sort of why the Internet was invented, wasn't it?)

You create a profile and then people can leave "anonymous constructive criticism about your character." But you don't really want to improve, do you? (Though I suppose this could come in handy for that guy in your office who doesn't wear deodorant, the bane of advice columnists the world over.) You really just want an excuse to read about yourself, no matter how crappy the "constructive criticism" might be. There's no way this site isn't going to be a massive success.