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Columbia Law student Julia Neyman is at the center of a building media frenzy over her blog stunt, to work out on free gym passes for a full year. Cue the requisite book deal in three... two...

Buns of Steal (geddit??) has been profiled in the New York Daily News and is slated to be on CBS 6 tonight. Miami native Neyman has already been dissed by the gays at David Barton Gym (they wouldn't extend the 24-year-old's free pass, despite her flirting) and 86ed from Equinox (whose staff dubbed her a "gym grifter" in the News). If she doesn't sell the next Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves or Stuff White People Like — a smart career move, given the job market for lawyers — there's always the very good chance a savvy fitness franchise will comp her for a year, contingent on her continued blogging.

(Neyman pic via Facebook)