Drugs that kill! Hospitals that kill! Pregnancies that kill! These and other things that kill, in today's Health Watch—where we keep an eye on health (yours)!

  • Experimental drugs: What are they doing to you? Wouldn't you like to know, hmm? Yes, well so would doctors and scientist and whatnot, because as this story scarily shows, sometimes an experimental drug heals you for a while and makes you think it's a great miracle cure only to have you relapse and die some months later, and nobody even knows why exactly, because it's experimental. Think about it.
  • Do you know what killed 48,000 Americans in 2006? Infections they caught in the hospital. You just can't win!
  • Ladies who gain weight before or during the first trimester of pregnancy are at increased risk of gestational diabetes, which is bad for them and their babies. Ladies, if you want to gain weight, wait until you are in the hospital having the baby, when no one will blame you.
  • Will brownies kill your schoolchildren, through fat food science? I don't know but NYC schools are banning brownies, just in case. Probably smart because, will eating out at restaurants kill you and possibly your kids? I don't know but it's obvious you're doing everything you can to make it so, America, ha. Anyhow you'll still probably die from swine flu.

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