Today at Gawker.TV, Jack Hanna vs. PETA, Ronald McDonald as a hot lady, Jimmy Kimmel fixes our winter TV woes, the best local snow coverage from NYC weather anchors, and Stephen Colbert kicks Canada while its down.

Jack Hanna Likes Whales More Than He Likes You
In the wake of the killer whale catastrophe, intrepid soul Jack Hanna is prepared to go to the aquamat for that orca. On Larry King, Hanna vehemently fought the president of PETA to come to the whale's—and Seaworld's—defense.

Stephen Colbert Kicks Canada When It's Down
Tonight marked the end of Stephen Colbert's epic coverage of the Vancouver Olympics, and he went out with a Canada-bashing bang. What do you do when the host country disappoints? You mock the HELL out of it, naturally. Video inside.

Let's All Have a Laugh at the Weathermen Stuck Reporting Outside in the Snow
Snow is all around us, so naturally our favorite shows are being bumped for non-stop snow coverage. Here are this morning's best bits from the unsung heroes of television: the weathermen and weather-ladies reporting live and in the cold.

Lady McDonald, Burger at Your Breast
The sole indicator of this silent woman's corporate ties is her ketchup and mustard ensemble. Her existence and back-story—her relation to Ronald and her placement in fast food mythology—are, like so many Japanese imports, shrouded in mystery.

Jimmy Kimmel Improves All of Our Winter TV
There's one big problem with the Olympics: nothing else is on television! So, until everyone gets back to ignoring Canada, take a look at how Jimmy Kimmel improves on the only things you're watching on TV right now.