David Paterson press conference time! Watch it here. He is going to stop campaigning, but keep being governor. Update: It went by so quickly! Some quotes from the governor are attached.

Paterson is talking about all the wonderful things he has done as a legislator and accidental governor. "We have eradicated the Rockefeller drug laws," he says, which is not quite true. But he did do more about this than any of his predecessors!

Finally, the announcement: "Today I am announcing that I am ending my campaign for Governor of the State of New York." Because he can't run for office and manage the state's finances at the same time, not because of any of that other stuff.
"I have never abused my office. Not now, not ever."
"Let me make this clear: there are 308 days left in my term and I will serve every one of them"

The governor took a few questions, but not many. He looks forward to a full investigation of the thing about abusing his office, with the state police and the phone calls. Disappointingly non-crazy!