Dustin Hoffman's starring in the Deadwood guy's new series. The Dancing with the Stars cast is out. Everyone's partying at the Oscars. The UN pitches movies. Welcome to the roundup, care for a cookie? Too bad. We don't have any.

David Milch produced the gloriously profane series Deadwood for HBO. Now Dustin Hoffman has been cast in his new series, Luck, about a supersmart ex-con with a horse track betting problem. John Ortiz is will play a horse trainer, and the series will be launching in January. [Variety]

•There are so many Oscar parties coming up! We want to go to them and get really drunk and awkwardly hit on Natalie Portman then drive up into the hills and have an adventure just like in a David Lynch movie! Acording to Variety, there are more than three dozen parties in the next week—an average of six a night. The big party: Saturday's Night Before Party at the BevHills Hotel. You are not invited. [Variety]

Alec Baldwin will be starring in a Long Island production of Equus, the play famous for Harry Potter getting naked in it and doing it with a horse or something. Baldwin will play opposite Daniel Radcliff as the psychiatrist Martin Dysart who treats Radcliffe's character. [NYT]

•A lot of actors and actresses are in talks to join this Hugh Laurie/Leighton Meester comedy Oranges: Adam Brody, Catherine Keener, Alia Shawkat and Allison Janney are all in talks to join the film, which "centers on a man (Laurie) who has a romantic relationship with the daughter (Meester) of a family friend. That turns their lives, and the lives of their families, upside down." Hawt. [THR]

•The Dancing with the Stars cast list includes Buzz Aldrin! Also, people who, like, didn't go on the moon: Pamela Anderson, Erin Andrews, Shannen Doherty, Kate Gosselin, Evan Lysacek, Chad Ochocino and some other no-names. [TheWrap]

•This is funny: The U.N. is apparently pitching storylines to Hollywood now. Today at the Hammer Museum in Westood, CA, the U.N. held a forum for Hollywood types to convince them to use more U.N.-y stuff in their movies. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke and said that U.N. missions were "'sometimes more dramatic than Hollywood movies,' and cited 'The Constant Gardener' as the type of movie that featured humanitarian work in its storyline." He then went on to detail an idea he had for a movie about an elderly Korean U.N. secretary-general who met a young pixie-ish grad student (Zooey Deschanel) and took a romantic day off to explore New York and learn about indie music with her. [Variety]

•Even though we hated it, Jerry Seinfeld's The Marriage Ref got killer ratings: It "averaged 14.6 million viewers and a 4.8 rating among adults ages 18 to 49," according to the LA Times. NBC just needs to stage an Olympics every Thursday as The Marriage Ref's lead-in and it will do awesome! [LAT]

•Whoops, the Miss America Pageant just got dropped by TLC. [TheWrap]