A wedding, a clip-show, Kathy Bates/Christian Slater, a company buyout, and now a baby: Attempts to hold viewers as the star-crossed Jim and Pam crux has crumbled... But the possibility of real invigoration for the show has only just begun.

Ed Helms' character, Andy Bernard, has been through a lot. He was cheated on by former fiance' Angela, betrayed by Dwight, and as a result of his bad luck even questioned his own sexuality for a time. As rough as it gets for Andy, he always holds a positive attitude. It's the trait that keeps Helms from looking like Carrell Jr., it's not that he doesn't want to take things too seriously, it's that he doesn't have the capacity. His positivity seems to finally be getting him somewhere, because the new girl-next-door secretary, Erin, showed up. Cupid's arrow struck the two oblivious centerfolds of Stuff White People Like and finally last night Andy pulled a fast one:

A couple as in love as Jim and Pam with thirty times the eccentricity, idiocy, and fashion sense is the stuff hilarious story arcs are made of. Will the dual duos explore the impossibility of becoming couple friends? Will Angela and Dwight (as was also offered as a possibility last night) feel the need to couple back up too? Will Andy attempt to move up the way Jim did? Will Andy again propose way sooner than he should? Will Creed ever get some real screen time (unrelated, sorry).

Nobody tunes into The Office because it's innovative, that was the British version. If the show just continues to utilize one of the most unique, clever supporting casts on television, people will keep watching. If Steve Gutenberg shows up next to demote Michael or Jim and expects us to be impressed to see him, forget about it.