Florida governor Charlie Crist must wake up every morning and wonder what happened? He used to be the most popular man in Florida. Now he's telling Greta Von Susteren that his primary opponent gets his back waxed on your dime.

As of a year ago, Charlie Crist was polling in the high 60s among Republicans and Independents. And Democrats. He should've waltzed right in to the US Senate. Today, more conservative challenger Rubio leads Crist among Republican voters 60-28. 29% of Republicans approve of Crist's job performance as Governor. Crazy bad numbers. "Drop out of the Republican primary and run as an Independent" numbers.

But Crist is soldiering on! Really stupidly!

And so, dashing, silver-haired Crist accused his Cuban-American primary opponent of needing to have his back waxed on Fox last night. Because that'll really turn off the primary voters. Supposedly Rubio charged this gross back-waxing to a Republican Party of Florida credit card, and that is the scandal here. Misappropriation of party funds. Not the gross hairy back thing.

(Crist also insists that he gets his own haircuts for $11, "from a guy named Carl the Barber." We are just guessing that the guy is not actually named "Carl the Barber.")

This is almost as dumb as when the closeted Crist married a woman because he thought he'd be John McCain's running mate.