Apologies in advance if you're eating: the proprietor of NYC brasserie Klee has been making cheese made from his wife's breast milk. Good Day NY has the stomach-churning interview.

Klee owner Daniel Angerer plays it rather coy about whether or not he's actually been selling the cheese to the public, since the health department doesn't allow it to be sold for human consumption.

But this hasn't stopped the recent spate of breast milk cheese-eating: David Chang is also rumored to be doing something similar at Momofuku Ko. And for good measure, here's a clip from the Today show where some dude gets tricked into eating breast milk cheese.

[via YouTube]

There are certain food categories where taking a DIY experimental approach is okay. At-home whiskey distilling? Fine. Urban beekeeping? Just don't do it on my roof. However, this is just inexcusable. I barely like to think how normal dairy products get made. File this under the category of things that are illegal for a good reason.