Tribune Company CEO Randy Michaels decided to micro-manage in the weirdest way possible — by banning words like 'authorities', 'diva' and 'manhunt' from the mouths of reporters or anchors at flagship news/talk station WGN-AM (720) in Chicago.

The station is located in his office building. Which is maybe why 'Randy' — his Wikipedia page says he changed his name from Benjamin Homel — thought it was OK to literally dictate what they say. He's also "directing his staff to keep tabs on each other's compliance: They're to report any on-air infractions by their co-workers, making sure to note the precise time and date on "bingo cards" he provided that contain a random assortment of Michaels' forbidden words," according to this report.

The full list is here, but the banned words include:

- Authorities

- Bare naked

- Clash with police

- Diva

- In the wake of (unless it's a boating story)

- Killing spree

- Manhunt

- Underwent surgery

- White stuff