But mostly sex. This isn't The Runaways trailer that hints at Fanning's metamorphosis from innocent pupa to sexed-up butterfly, this is the music video for "Cherry Bomb", which shoves Fanning's drug-addled, hypersexual portrayal of Cherie Currie down your throat.

Besides the actual performance reeking of trying too hard, there is one other thing that's really bothersome about this music video. Now I don't want to go all "dad" on everyone (stand up straight, for chirssakes), but Dakota Fanning is 16-years-old. She was born in 1994, and to have Fanning play this sexually aggressive, heroin addicted, hardcore rock-and-roll chick is just, well, gross.

Sure, she is trying to transition from "kid actor" into "regular person actor," but did the transition need to be with such a weird movie choice? Couldn't she just star in some Gary Marshall directed you-go-girl rom-com to ease this transition a little bit? Just look at this video! Prowling around on a stage in a corset and doing the whole "stare at the camera all weird because you're on sooooo much heroin" thing is going from 0-60 way too fast. She's like a Toyota Prius out there! Somebody pump Fanning's brakes!

[via dlisted]