Post-Atonement Ian McEwan wrote a satirical global-warming thriller wherein a man tries to pee outdoors in -26F Norway, then experiences shrinkage so severe his dick turns into a frosty popsicle, cracks, and slips out the leg of his pants.

Praise be the gods of Page Six that this is the first excerpt I've seen from Solar. Protagonist Michael Beard is a physicist whose wife leaves him when she discovers he'd had eleven affairs. He goes on a trip to the Arctic to "see global warming for himself." While in Norway, the following occurs:

As the polar wind raged ... he watched in horror as his penis shrank even smaller, and curled tighter against the zip. And not only was it diminishing before his eyes, but it was turning white. Not the white of a blank page, but the sparkling silver of a Christmas bauble.

...his unfortunate [member] was as hard as ice ... He let himself be guided back to [his guide's] Ski-Doo and it was there that the calamity finally happened. As he raised a leg to hoist himself onto his place behind the guide, he felt, and even thought he heard, a terrible rending pain in his groin, a cracking and a parting, like a birth, like a glacier calving. He gave a shout...

The punch line, Page Six writes, "is one of the sickest meet-cutes ever." Beard boards an Arctic cruise ship and a pretty lady initiates conversation: "This just dropped out the bottom of your trousers." Dear Literary Master Ian McEwan, I am pre-ordering your book right now. [P6]