So... Dakota Fanning. You know, that cute, innocent little actress. Isn't she so cute and innocent? Not anymore! Fanning was on Late Night tonight, wearing a too-short dress and discussing "steamy" lesbian scenes in The Runaways. This is not OK.

Fanning visited Jimmy Fallon to plug her new movie, The Runaways, and it became apparent very quickly that she's not a girl, not yet a woman—something like that. Fallon played some video questions for Fanning, they got talking about her love for TLC reality shows, and then this happened (watch for a via satellite cameo by Kristen Stewart).

First of all, way to rock the segue, Fallon! Since when do you randomly transition from favorite reality shows to, "So, what was it like filming steamy lesbian scenes at the age of 15? Fun?" Anyway.

Secondly, what the eff is up with Stewart randomly appearing to ask Fanning what it was like to make out with her? THIS IS DAKOTA FANNING. Therefore, by default, it is WRONG. Because Dakota Fanning is and always will be 10 years old.

Yes, girls grow up, actresses move on from cutesy child roles and start taking on more provocative, sexual ones. It's the circle of life, or something.

But not Dakota Fanning. Never Dakota Fanning.

This is all so weird.

[Late Night with Jimmy Fallon]