They came on foot, by bicycle and skateboard. They filled the Soho streets like a dirty flood. Traffic was blocked and the Fire Department was called. It was an art opening for pictures of naked people and everyone was there.

This event comes at sort of an awkward time for us, taxonomically speaking. If we were still allowed to use the word "hipster" we would definitely classify Ryan McGinley as a "hipster photographer." He is maybe best known for setting up road trips of attractive people and photographing them frolicking in natural settings, naked and generally having a rad time. (He did this for Wrangler once.) He can be thought of as a less creepy Terry Richardson. For this is he is rich and famous.

Tonight, the Team Gallery hosted an opening party for Ryan McGinley's new show. For a night, a street in Manhattan was Brooklynized. What transpired can only be conveyed in slide-show form.

Here is the invite for the Ryan McGinley show, "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere." Notice the ironic (MAYBE?) tattoos and jewelery. Notice how the boy is skinny and naked. Obviously, if you see this in the window of a coffee shop on Bedford you go to where it tells you to go. [via]

Even before the opening, this Twitter user was nervous. Nervous, likely, because it was unseasonably warm and she had not yet had the chance to shave the right side of her head for spring. Too late, the art opening was about to begin! [iamamayzing]

Outside the gallery. For the Brooklynite stressed about the rare trip into the hustle-and-bustle of Manhattan, sweet relief: People milling about! Other people pushing bicycles around! A person pointing a very nice video camera at nothing in particular! Let's get this street party started. [ArtObservered]

Then this happened on the street outside the gallery. 1) Crazy headdress couple: DO; 2) 3-D glasses guy: DON'T; 3) Bald guy in the porkpie hat: Alright, who brought their dad!? []

Welcome to Williamsburg. [RatherBeBiking]

Brooklyn ruled the street, but inside Manhattan partied. Here is a picture of McGinley taken from the twitter account of New York's most famous mail-order bride, Lera Loeb. [LeraLoeb]

FREE BEER. (And art.) [MJFIII]

We know it was a good party because it totally got busted. "Dude, the gallery opening got shut down by the fire department!" Everyone went to the after-gallery opening across the street. [MikeNouveau]

Fuck it: They were hipsters.