Actor Craig Robinson, star of the upcoming Hot Tub Time Machine, has been in Pineapple Express, Knocked Up, and Arrested Development. As a side-character on The Office since season 1, he's hardly been used. Could this finally be changing?

Last night's Office saw the Sabre sales team making more money than their co-workers, and their manager, Michael Scott. One of the best scenes featured newly relocated warehouse manager, Darryl, and an incredibly obnoxious Andy:

A similar moment was improvised and posted on FunnyOrDie about two years ago:

That Craig Robinson's comedic skills haven't been used for so long could root in some trouble he got into back in 2008. He was arrested for drug possession, and that was right after he had finished filming his first feature roles that offered real exposure. Regardless of why he hasn't been given his fair share of Office screen-time, it's good to see that those days are most likely over. So he likes to party? So what. Who cares? The man is funny.