The prickly President of Venezuela has just about had it with the backstabby world of online political dissidence, and has vowed to fight back with a blog of his own. Generation Overshare, please welcome your soon-to-be newest comrade.

Chávez, who last week called for censorship of the internet in Venezuela, is digging in against his online critics. Yesterday, on his weekly radio show, "Hello President!", Chávez said:

The Internet is a trench in the struggle, because there's a conspiracy current building up. It's as if they had a gun, a cannon. They use so many pages and blogs, and terms like Blackberry and Twitter, these conspiracy currents."

Indeed, these "currents" can be scary, Mr. Chávez, but probably not as scary as you might think. Anyway, he says he is still "pro-Internet," and he'll be blogging from the presidential palace soon.

Perhaps he's fed up with the popular Onion-inspired site, El Chigüire Bipolar, which was profiled in the Times. Or, maybe he's taking after his old pal, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (whose blog now seems to be down). Either way, once Chávez gets going it should be entertaining, maybe?

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