And cheaper, too. Say you have some life-altering product that needs advertising to get off the ground, using Google TV Ads, you can buy TV ad space whenever/wherever you want. Slate tested it out, and the results were surprising.

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Deciding to create an ad for absolutely nothing, along with a website to go along with that ad, they were able to buy space for $100 in the wee hours of the morning during repeats of The Glenn Beck Show. And they got over 1,000 people to go to this completely made-up website that was about absolutely nothing. Sure, the only people that went to the website were polishing their gun in their underwear at 3 in the morning, but they went!

So what does this mean for advertising? I'm no advertiser, but it means that if you have $100, a flip cam, and a desire to be on TV, you can do it. I always thought more people needed to see me dancing sensually in my underwear to Fleetwood Mac, and now I have the proper outlet for it. Sweet.