New York City is glorious. But, New Yorkers can also be known for never being shocked to the ill fated going-ons in the city. Some even jaded. The Rubber Room opens our eyes on impact. A secret, whispered and gossiped about...

Countless have heard of the said Rubber Room, although not knowing the full extent of what it is. Now there is a new documentary stating all the facts. The site describing it as: "Simply put, "The Rubber Room" is a room where hundreds and hundreds of New York City schoolteachers presently sit, being paid full salary to do absolutely nothing. But, like so many things, it's not quite so simple."

Many of the teachers that are taken into this detention facility have often been put there
without being explained what they have been detained for. They do not know who accused them, or what for and sadly in some cases it may be a personal disagreement with a higher authority. In some extreme instances teachers have even been held in these rooms for 10 years.

What makes this whole situation worse, aside from the psychological impact... Is the money aspect. The financial blow is estimated at $35 million to $65 million dollars.

The Rubber Room Movie hopefully catches on, and shows the public exactly what is happening to the educators that are supposed to be teaching their children when in fact they are under appreciated and treated so unethically.

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