Picture the life of a trucker and you might see hookers, meth, and rebel flag decals. But not anymore! A new breed of truck driver is into sewing sweaters, making slippers and other knitwear that are "Oh! Just beautiful."

Take Kevin Abraham-Banks for example, "a 37-year-old trucker with a shaved head and dragon tattoos," who was sick and tired of "talking about who has a bigger radio" at truck stops. He decided to make the most of his time and now "passes time at truck stops with his cocoa and knitting. […] It's pretty cool stuff, man." Or Thomas McConnaughy, who keeps his new hobby hidden from other truckers, but has a knack for making "really cute slippers."

Instead of making pit stops at peep shows, these knitting truckers like to visit the National Quilt Museum in Kentucky, and hunt for bargains at fabric stores across America.

But don't expect to see sewing machines and knitting clubs the next time you drop in at a truck stop. Not everyone on the trucker circuit is so enamored with this quilting shit. Mark Sanchez, for one, thinks sewing is totally for pussies, man, and is "nothing I would do — my mom does that." Hell yeah!


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