Steve Jobs is so powerful, you can get rich just imitating the computer mogul. That seems to be the theory behind the premium cable network show under development with Fake Steve Jobs blogger Dan Lyons and noted director Larry Charles.

Cable network Epix announced the show "iCON" earlier this month, based in part on Lyons' Options book and with director Charles, of Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Entourage. Those who doubted the project would really happen should check TechCrunch today, where Mike Arrington reports that Lyons is so busy prepping the series he might abandon his Fake Steve blog. Lyons might be a seasoned magazine journalist in real life — he's at Newsweek these days — but between iCON and Options, it's looking like he might find it more lucrative pretending to be Jobs than writing as real Dan. Especially when he does it so well. (Vaguely related, NSFW.)

(Pic: Lyons, loving the camera, by Steve Rhodes)