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The executive vice president of Rogers & Cowan, Fran Curtis is publicist to a long list of celebs and rock legends.


It's not hard to see why Curtis was drawn to the entertainment business. Her father was Ted Ashley, the wunderkind William Morris agent and talent manager who repped Henny Youngman and Janis Joplin and later became chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Curtis jumped into PR when she joined Rogers & Cowan in the early 1980s, making her name flacking for big-name musical acts and rock stars. She's been with the agency ever since and now works under Tom Tardio, the LA-based CEO of the company, and veteran publicist Paul Bloch, the company's co-chairman.

Of note

Curtis has repped dozens of '70s and '80s icons, including David Bowie, Paul Newman, Elton John, Janet Jackson, Christie Brinkley, and Claudia Schiffer. She's probably best known, though, as the longtime publicist for the Rolling Stones—she's been spinning reporters on the subject of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards' affairs, arrests and drunken escapades for two decades. Most recently, when Richards felt out of a palm tree and suffered a concussion in 2006, Curtis went on record to deny rumors that Richard's injury would require a hole to be drilled in his skull. (About a week later, Richards had a hole drilled in his skull.) Longtime client Christie Brinkley has also kept her busy as of late. In 2006, there was the messy fallout from Peter Cook's affair and Brinkley and Cook's subsequent divorce; more recently, she had to reassure Brinkley's (remaining) fans that the ex-supermodel would be okay after undergoing back surgery.


Previously married to Tom Curtis, Fran married William Morris agent Brian Dubin on New Year's Eve in 1992. They have a teenage son and live in New Fairfield, Conn.