Tonight, South Park made comment on Facebook and its obsessives by brilliantly taking every ridiculous thing about what the social network has become and explaining it with hilariously awkward (and eerily accurate) "IRL" interactions. Inside, the best—and funniest—moments.

The advent and wildfire-like expansion of Facebook changed everything about how people interact these days—online, at least, but an argument can be made that it's affected the way people communicate in person, too—and also created many requisite "moments" that anyone with an account is likely to run into at one point or another. Here are five of them.

The moment your friends annoyingly pressured you into joining

Everyone's been in this situation, whether at the giving end, the receiving one, or simply as an observer. There's always one person in a group of friends who is reluctant to join Facebook—or any social network, for that matter—but finally realizes that the time spent appeasing his or her peers is less than that spent refusing to buckle to the pressure.

The moment your parents join, become obsessed, and take your ignorance of their profiles seriously

If you haven't been unfortunate enough yet to have one or both of your parents join Facebook, this is pretty much what it's like.

The moment your significant other starts trolling your profile and realizes that you haven't changed your relationship status

Remember the good old days, when people had to actually ask you in person if you had a boyfriend or girlfriend? Well, those days are gone, and this is what happens when the object of your affection finds out that you haven't made it clear on your profile.

The moment you realize that you have a friend who cares more about FarmVille than life itself

Ugh, FarmVille.

The moment people who don't actually know you in real life think that they do and take online interactions—or a lack of them—personally

Yes, this happens. Trust me.

Isn't Facebook fun?

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