MTV just dropped the biggest awesome bomb ever. After a trip to Miami, everyone will return to the original house in Seaside Heights. The premiere date is set, and guess who is along for the ride?

Trash Bags! Yes, she's coming back! It appears that filming in Miami, which is currently underway, was just a big switcheroo to keep us from knowing that the clan's evil, flame-eyed household god, the Duck Phone, was calling them all back to their homeland. Once the weather gets hot up north (um, guys, it was 90 yesterday!) they'll be relocating the entire production to Sleazeside once again. The show debuts season two on July 29, so that we can share our summer with the eight greatest guidos known to man—or at least reality television. It may not be the greatest sociological event of our time, but it's going to be close. Trash Bags!