Workers at the Carlsberg beer factory in Denmark were allowed to drink as much as they wanted. Management tried to limit them to three pints at lunch. They slurred out their displeasure in no unshertain... unshert... uncertain terms.

The Wall Street Journal reports that about 700 workers, who earn an average of $59,000 plus 24 crates of beer per year, laid down their tools, slowly, with exaggerated care, this week. They argue that it's been their right to drink on the job for 100 years, and that drunkenness is not an issue. "There is sometimes some whistling and maybe some singing, but that's not connected to the drinking," a forklift-driver called Martin Juralowicz told the Journal.

Carlsberg management, however, feel that "tippling on the job is a risky anachronism, especially for those operating heavy equipment." Speaking for ourselves, we actually operate trucks and industrial machinery better when drunk.