It's true. We are finally ready to embrace gay Jim Carrey. Also today: a new miniseries about things exploding in olden times starts to come together, important Gossip Girl news, and the truth about babies.

Ridley Scott's production company has teamed up with Sony and some other folks to put together a miniseries based on the book Pompeii, a historical account of the terrible volcano attack suffered by the ancient Greek cavemen or whatever. Roman Polanski was originally supposed to direct the thing as a feature film, but he's creepy and it would be better as a miniseries anyway, so here you go. (Even though he's named Roman and everything!) Hopefully it will be on a Rome level and not on a The Big One level. [THR]

Squealll!!! Horrible Jenny of horrible Gossip Girl might be leaving the show! Or at least taking a hiatus. Something "very big" is happening with the character at the end of the season (boarding school? fatal handbag catastrophe?) and then she'll be gone for an indefinite amount of time. Roman Polanski was originally going to do the story as a feature film, but Jenny's like fifteen, so... you know. Anyway, we've heard through the grapevine that Jenny actress Taylor Momsen hates being on the show, so maybe she finally got her wish and can go wear fashions and smoke cigarettes in peace. [EW]

Workhorse actor Delroy Lindo has been cast in the new show from Shawn Ryan (The Shield). In Ride-Along, he'll play a shady politician/business man with possible ties to organized crime. So he'll basically play the city of Providence. And the state of New Jersey. And the country of Russia. [THR]

Here is an attractive young man who will play the new attractive young man on Friday Night Lights. He was previously seen as the attractive young man on Greek and Lincoln Heights. He is meant to make up for the depatures of Zach Gilford and Taylor Kitsch, also attractive young men. [EW]

Aha! I Love You, Phillip Morris — Jim Carrey's big gay movie with big gay Ewan MacGregor as big gay lovers that was too big and gay for America — has gotten a new release date! It will open in limited release on July 30th. So the country's horribly divisive gay problems are now completely solved. Good news. [Variety]

Has Hollywood unlocked the incredible power of babies? It appears that it might have. [THR]