Hughes—or Opie as he's known to millions of listeners—is the co-host of "Opie & Anthony Show," the beyond-crass radio program that's a favorite of degenerates everywhere.

A SUNY Geneseo grad, Hughes paid his dues at local radio stations in Rochester and Buffalo. After settling in at a radio station in his native Long Island, he came up with the idea to run a parody song contest about O.J. Simpson. The winner was Anthony Cumia, and the pair hit is off so well that they joined forces for their show "Opie & Anthony" in the mid 90s. Fired from various radio stations for idiotic hijinks, like an April Fools joke where they said the Mayor of Boston had been killed in a car accident, they have support from their adoring "Pests" who have followed them over the years and have kept the show alive in syndication for over a decade. In doing so, they're racked up a pretty impressive list of guests like Louis C.K. and Jay Mohr. [Image via Getty]