Far from being the most recognized superhero ever conceived, Birdman shows a very clear illustration of how television cartoons have evolved. All one has to do is compare the character's initial run (1967-1969) with his return to television in 2000.

Hanna-Barbera has been the champion of animation on television, from their initial success with Huckleberry Hound and their record breaking primetime favorite, The Flintstones to their multitude of successes with shows produced for the Cartoon Network. One of the most interesting looks at their legacy comes in the form of Birdman, a character that has form both new and old. Here are a couple episodes perfect for a fun filled Saturday morning of comparing and contrasting:

Birdman: The Brain Theft(1967):

Harvey Birdman: The Yabba Dabba Don(2002)
Cast Notables: Stephen Colbert, Gary Cole, and John Michael Higgins